Members of the APL Section – University of Copenhagen

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Members of the APL Section

Abrahamsen, MikkelPostdoc  E-mail
Alstrup, StephenProfessor +45 353-35691E-mail
Annenkov, DanilResearch assistant  E-mail
Düdder, BorisAssistant professor +45 93 56 57 48E-mail
Elsman, MartinAssociate professor +45 353-35683E-mail
Filinski, AndrzejAssociate professor +45 353-35687E-mail
Fonseca, RasmusInternational Researcher  
Glück, RobertAssociate professor +45 29 61 16 55E-mail
Hansen, CasperPhD student +45 353-33345E-mail
Hansen, ChristianPhD student +45 353-30170E-mail
Henglein, FritzProfessor +45 353-35692E-mail
Henriksen, Troels λPostdoc  E-mail
Hjuler, Niklas Oskar DanielPhD student +45 353-33579E-mail
Holm, JacobPhD fellow  E-mail
Kaarsgaard, RobinPostdoc  E-mail
Katajainen, JyrkiAssociate professor +45 353-35680E-mail
Larsen, Ken FriisAssociate professor +45 353-35697E-mail
Liang, YuanVisiting Researcher  E-mail
Lorenzen, Stephan SlothPhD fellow  E-mail
Mogensen, Torben ÆgidiusAssociate professor +45 353-35673E-mail
Oancea, Cosmin EugenAssociate professor  
Pham, Dang NinhPostdoc  E-mail
Ross, OmryAssistant professor +45 353-30673E-mail
Roytman, Alan JamesPostdoc  E-mail
Stensbo-Smidt, KristofferPostdoc  E-mail
Su, LiPostdoc  E-mail
Thomsen, Michael KirkedalAssistant professor +45 353-36154E-mail
Thorup, MikkelProfessor  
Vaz Salles, Marcos AntónioAssociate professor +45 23 83 99 58E-mail
Wang, YiwenPhD fellow  E-mail
Winter, PawelProfessor +45 23 80 77 99E-mail
Wolk, Gustav AbrahamPhD fellow  E-mail
Wulff-Nilsen, ChristianAssociate professor +45 353-35695E-mail
Zhou, YongluanAssociate professor +45 29 88 31 68E-mail